«The island has many attractions to visit like Kounopetra, the Korgialenios Library, Melissani Cave...»


Church of Theotokos Domatas
The church of Theotokos (: Virgin Mary) is situated in the village of Domata, southeast of Argostoli. The coffin in which G. Sklavos transferred the relics of Patriarch Gregorios V to Odessus is kept here. In the church, there is a beautifully carved wooden icon stand.

Drogorati Cave
Drogorati cave stands a few kilometres outside the town of Sami. It is 45 metres in width, 21 metres in depth, and 9 metres in length. It consists of two parts. The upper part has collapsed and only huge stalactites of different colours remain. The second part is the cave proper (65 x 45 m), which is accessible to tourists and houses cultural events. It has extraordinary acoustics, thus its name: “Hall of Apotheosis”. The officials are seated on the “Royal Balcony”, which offers a spectacular view from the top of the cave. The musicians are seated on the opposite side at an especially tailored podium along the cavity of a rock. The cave can accommodate about 500 viewers. The regulated lighting in combination with the multi-coloured stalactites creates a picture of unique beauty.

Kounopetra is situated 9 km south of Lixouri. The location’s visitor comes across a very significant geological phenomenon. To be more specific, from the sea emerges a huge rock which, before the earthquake in 1953, used to move constantly and rhythmically. After the earthquake the rock’s base was relocated and the rock stabilized to its current place. Tradition claims that English ships tied Kounopetra with thick ropes and chains and attempted unsuccessfully to remove it.

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