«We would like to inform you about the protective measures we have taken regarding personnel and guests.»

Covid-19 Hotel Policy

Dear guests,

Following the Greek and European legislation on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease, with a great sense of responsibility, we would like to inform you about the protective measures we have taken regarding personnel and guests.

Specifically, a specialized Health Protocol has been established for our hotel, for the health and safety of all:

  • The hotel is certified with the National Certification HEALTH FIRST, a legal obligation to operate during this period.
  • The hotel is certified with POSI SHIELD, an prevention of infection and control program that includes hygiene measures and operating protocols, enforcement of personal protective equipment, staff training, prevention responsibility and introduction of Prevention Of Spread of Infection (POSI).
  • Our personnel were trained in precautionary measures and new operational standards in accordance with established protocols.
  • Suppliers (eg suppliers, technicians) are allowed to enter, with controlled access. Supplies are received and delivered using disposable gloves.
  • The entrance to the rooms by our personnel will be done by appointment, for cleaning or maintenance.
  • We have developed flexibility to stay the personnel at home, in case of symptoms, as it is recommended to contact the specialized doctor.
  • Our personnel became aware of the best personal hygiene practices (hand washing, coughing & sneezing on paper towels that should be discarded or on the elbows, non-contact of hands with the face, avoid sharing items).
  • We have created and maintain a safety stock for personal protective equipment and cleaning chemicals.

 Guests during the stay

Our desire to offer a wonderful stay is a top priority, as is the safety of guests and personnel. We are constantly following the latest guidelines and best practices for global prevention.

We are ready, again this year, to offer high quality services, while we ask guests to cooperate in the observance of the health and safety practices.

  • Access to non-tenants is prohibited.
  • Cleaning and changing clothing will be done once a week. In case you do not wish to have your room cleaned, please let us know.
  • When entering personnel for cleaning or maintenance, it is forbidden to stay inside the room.
  • The entrance to the rooms by the staff will be by appointment, for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Hand sanitizers were added to the rooms for guests.
  • All printed material removed from the rooms.

We keep distances

Adherence to “social distancing” is a required practice. Visitors are invited to keep a distance of 2 meters from others who may be in and out of our property.

Masks and other protective equipment

Our personnel use gloves and masks, which they change frequently. Especially the cleaning personnel wears a protective apron.

Disease management

For the safety of guests, the accommodation reserves the right to request a COVID-19 diagnostic check at the time of arrival or during the stay, if symptoms of contagious disease occur. In cases where illness occurs during the stay, guests must notify the accommodation coordinator.

A specialized Doctor will be present immediately. In case of serious illness, the appropriate health care may be requested from the Kefalonia Hospital. During epidemics we have the right to take precautionary measures at our discretion or as required by local authorities. The hotel has been informed and keeps the details of a specialized Doctor and the specific procedure followed for the provision of health services.